“Of Mice and Men” Wins Multiple Awards from NYS Theater Association

“Of Mice and Men” Wins Multiple Awards from NYS Theater Association

The Auburn Player’s production of “Of Mice and Men” has been awarded multiple awards from the Theater Association of NYS (TANYS).  The Steinbeck play which took place last weekend has been awarded the following:

  • Excellence in Acting to Reuben Bryan as George
  • Excellence in Acting to Chris Yeckel as Lennie
  • Excellence in Directing to Siouxsie Easter
  • Excellence in Scenic Design to Patti Goebel
  • Excellence in Lighting to Bob Frame
  • Meritorious Achievement in Ensemble work to the Cast

The TANYS Adjudicator stated, “The Auburn Players captured the true essence of this classical story. This flawless production was truly a great experience in theater. Mood and location were nicely established through the use of all the elements of theater. It took me into the world of Lenny and George and held my attention for the entire evening. The direction was powerful using the entire stage creating nice stage pictures.”





















The Auburn Players Community Theatre, in our 57th season, is honored to be recognized by TANYS, and to offer our community high quality productions at affordable prices. With the dedication of an all-volunteer cast, production team, and Board of Directors, we are proud to be known as, “Home of your Neighborhood Stars!”

Congratulations Cast and Crew! 

We are so proud of this production and the work you did!