Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat – Cast Announced



Cast – Please call/email Lisa Hunt to accept or decline your role by Friday 6/26/14 – or 315-283-4682.  Also check your email for cast/rehearsal info

Narrator – Lillian Boberg

Joseph  – Ricky Ducayne

Jacob/Potiphar – Will Mosier

Pharaoh – To be Determined

Brothers – Nate Morse (also Prisoner), Hannah Yorkey, Mary Ellen Ducayne, Kierstan Davis            , Faith Reba, Havan Kohanski, Julianna Buchmann, Mike LaDuca, Jenna Nila, Michael Ducayne, Ella Boedicker

Wives – Maya Foos, Ellyse Freeman, Tehya Kloster, Baylee Kennedy, Haley Yorkey, Stella Reohr, Grace Ducayne, Erin Kennedy, Donovan Tanner, Antonina Tortorello, Mary Nila

Children’s Chorus – Cole Carpenter, Noah Hickok (also Ishmalite and Baker), Nevaleah Davis, Charli Tallman            , Trinity Davis, Lily Nila, Isabella Ducayne

The Little Chorus – Lucas McConnell, Eileen Boberg, Eden Gadsby, Olivia Shaw, Aurora Sitterly, Alexander Ducayne, Joshua Ducayne, Irelynn Volmer, Lucas Shaw

Auburn Players receive six awards from the Theatre Association of New York State for their production of Hair

Kristina Clark received a TANYS award for her outstanding vocal portrayal of Ronny in Auburn Players Production of Hair.

The Auburn Players Received six awards for their production of Hair from the Theater Association of New York State (TANYS). Adjudicator Pam Rapoza had this to say about the performance, “Auburn Community Players took a bold leap into a time and place that was highly controversial. This cast had a wonderfully full vocal performance with the highlight of Kristina Clark wailing the show’s anthem Aquarius. This was a high energy production to be proud of!”

The awards are as follows:

Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Design to Jason Michael Miller for his poster design for Hair.

Outstanding Vocal Performance to Kristina Clark for her potrayal of Ronny

Excellence in Performance to Miquon Jackson for his portrayal of Hud

Excellence in Vocal Ensemble to the Cast

Excellence in Music Performance to Stephen Gamba and the Pit Band

Meritorious Achievement to Stephen Hodge and Ed Beck for the sound design and operation

The outstanding achievement awards are the highest honors TANYS bestows. All awards will be given out the annual TANYS festival which will be held this year in Auburn at Cayuga Community College. More information about TANYS and its mission can be found at

Photos of the cast of Hair

HAIR poster

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This production of “Hair” is made possible in part by funding from Finger Lakes Community Arts Grants (FLCAG).

Meet the Cast of Hair: Part 3

HAIR poster
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Come see Hair June 13th, 14th, and 15th.

The Auburn Players will present Hair: The American Love-Rock Musical on June 13th, 14th, and 15th at the Irene Bisgrove Theatre at Cayuga Community College. With only two weeks to go until the show goes up, we wanted to give you the opportunity to meet the cast.



Meg Clary – Leo – has loved being a part of the Black-Wing tribe these last few months. She is a gregarious Leo who loves people!  She was born to be in or near water at all times, and never stops singing.  Rock on Black Wing Tribe – you are incredible. Peace, love, and harmony to all!






Kaitlyn Amodei – Pisces – Her best friend is a 25 lb orange Tabby named Sampson.  She is a Master Reiki Healer and her favorite crystal is amethyst.  Her hobbies include drinking PBR, pretending she’s Beyonce, and wall twerking.




Lexi Tucker – Scorpio – A lover of animals, her menagerie has included: two birds, five hermit crabs, one hamster, lots of fish, and an imaginary pet squirrel named Phil (but they all died).  Fortunately, she kept a few alive, and they include: two dog;  Ivan, and Maggie, and two cats; Charels, and my baby kitty named “Puck” who is the future president of the United States.

Kelsey Woodside – Aries – loves to braid hair.  She likes to take long baths because she wishes she were a mermaid.  Her favorite pastime is putting on red lipstick and dismantling the patriarchy.  She spends too much time with her five cats.


Skyler Lamontagne – Scorpio – enjoys spending time with her pet dragon Smaug.  She spends time perfecting her quartz collection.  Her perfect present would be a deck of tarrot, she won’t buy her own for fear of cursing her deck.



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Meet the Cast of Hair: Part 2

HAIR poster

Cast of Hair

Come see Hair on June 13th, 14th, and 15th at the Irene Bisgrove Theatre at Cayuga Community College

The Auburn Players will present Hair: The American Love-Rock Musical on June 13th, 14th, and 15th at the Irene Bisgrove Theatre at Cayuga Community College. With only two weeks to go until the show goes up, we wanted to give you the opportunity to meet the cast.



Anna Post – Cancer – She was born on the cusp of Cancer and Leo, and has henceforth been very confused.  She can usually be found by the water with a fire spending her time saving the world from global warming by sucking up as many UV Rays as possible.  She can always be contacted through smoke signals. Puff, puff, pass.






Christopher Dent – Capricorn – loves movies, television, and everything on Netflix.  He’s also friends with Matthew McConaughey. Alright, Alright, Alright.





Nick and Joe W

Nick Bassette – Leo – is proud to be playing such a psychedelic teddy bear like Berger. Other groovy roles he’s played include Judas/John the Baptist in Godspell, Malvolio in Twelfth Night, and Burrs in The Wild Party. He’d like to thank Ben and his parents for their support.  Now on with the revolution!

Joe Wood – Aquarius – is destined for greatness… or madness.  He has had an eHarmony account for 6 months now, and is still waiting for “the one.”  His favorite beverage is Wegmans water and his favorite snack is communion wafers.  He likes rainbows, axes, and musicals with lists for lyrics.  He’s got life, laughs, freedom, good times, crazy ways, million-dollar charm, headaches, toothaches, and bad times too.


Joe L

Joe Liccion – Gemini – Joe loves a night with a book and a partner or two, in that order. He is overjoyed to have found a home in the Black-Wing tribe, but is still actively looking for love on Peace now, Freedom now!

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Meet the Cast of Hair: Part 1

HAIR poster The Auburn Players will present Hair: The American Love-Rock Musical on June 13th, 14th, and 15th at the Irene Bisgrove Theatre at Cayuga Community College. With only two weeks to go until the show goes up, we wanted to give you the opportunity to meet the cast.

Kristin Jenn

Kristin Bridges – Gemini – loves spending time with the tribe. Her favorite time of day is cuddling with her cat in the morning. If you ask her nicely she will show you a photo of her alien baby. Peace, love and flowers! <3 <3

Jennifer Derbyshire – Libra – was born by the light of the silvery moon… (not the sun, but the moon…) Jennifer has always been a fan of love and flowers. She’s passed that on to the fruits of her womb along with a healthy spattering of wit, sarcasm, and geekiness. Jenn believes in promoting what you love, not bashing what you hate. Peace and love for ever!




Shane Morgan

Shane Gabriele – Capricorn – He loves peace and sunshine and sandwiches and #420Blazeit. I spend my days cloud watching, and protesting the government. His hobbies include eating, and drum circles. Down with the establishment man.

Morgan McIlvain – Leo – is totally about that music life. She does not speak Chinese. In her free time she enjoys listening to music, playing music, eating music, and breathing music. Life is good. #flowerpower






 Kristina Clark – Aries – Her spirit animal is Karen Walker. She enjoys dancing in the rain with a fancy adult beverage, singing her soul song to the earth goddess, and beautiful women. Passionate about equal rights, gay pride, and Peace, love, and wine.

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Auburn Players cast of Hair to appear at Auburn Public Theater

Hair Banner 2

On May 17th at 8PM Auburn Public Theater will be hosting an old time variety show that they have dubbed Auburn Public Variety. The show will be hosted by Carey Eidel. To get into the variety show spirit, the cast of Hair will be visiting and performing “Aquarius” and “Let the Sun Shine In,” which are the two songs the original cast of Hair performed on the Ed Sullivan show March 30th, 1969.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to partner with our friends over at Auburn Public Theater. For more information or to buy tickets to the variety show please visit the website of Auburn Public Theater or buy tickets at the door.

Tickets are on sale for Hair. To buy tickets for our June 13th, 14th, and 15th production of Hair click here.


Announcing the Cast of Hair

Hair Banner 2

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Here at we are so excited for our next production of Hair! The cast is great, and this promises to be musically a great show with all of those iconic songs from Hair like Aquarius, Let the Sunshine In, and Donna. Spring may have been late, but sunshine is coming!

Claude: Joe Wood
Berger: Nick Bassette
Woof: Peter Kowaney
Hud:  Ahki Dotts
Shelia: Meg Clary
Jeanie: Kaitlyn Amodei
Chrissy: Lexi Tucker
Dionne: Katie Hockey

Ronny: Kristina Clark
Suzanah: Anna Post
Emmaretta: Morgan McIlvain
Mary: Rachel Bodner
Natalie: Kristin Bridges
Diane: Jenn Derbyshire
Leata: Skylar Lamontagne
Marjorie: Havan Kohanski
Linda: Maria Coleman
Angela: Kelsey Woodside
Paul: Chris Dent
Walter: Kenny Baker
Steve: Fran Bruno
Hiram: Joe Liccion

Claude’s Parents: Diane Mueller and Seth Kennedy
Margaret Mead: Michaela Oney
Hubert Mead: Jim Gatsby